Physical Therapy for Sports Injuries

Physiotherapy involves a general view of the entire body and applying different types of treatment and preventive techniques to speed up rehabilitation or get the body functioning at peak conditions depending on the exact problems the individual is facing. Physiotherapy to a great extent involves mostly the use of education, exercise and movement, manual therapy, and to a lesser extent ultrasound and acupuncture to improve the physical condition of the body. These techniques can either be to prevent, manage or treat health conditions.Physio Sydney

Physiotherapists or physios are trained and certified to bring the body to optimal or manageable conditions in order to improve the quality of life depending on the illness or disorder. They work in clinics, hospitals, homecare centres, or in the private practice. Aging is a major cause of muscle degradation and physiotherapists usually work with social services in a bid to provide care to the elderly people in the community. Recently, both healthy and sick people are progressively becoming more inclined to physiotherapy as a holistic therapeutic technique to improve the quality of their life.

An Experienced Well Trained Physio endeavour to relieve you of both your body pains and its source, thereby helping to advance your life in the short-term, as well as prevent any long term problems from happening. These forms of therapy are designed to build, preserve and restore the utmost functional ability to the body and in preventing disability caused by pain, disease or injury. A patient’s history and physical examination is used to diagnose and create a fitness management plan that is personalized to that specific condition and has the ability to speed up rehabilitation.

Physical therapy can help improve your ability to make use of the body areas that have been impacted by injury or ailment. Health conditions like arthritis which is a long-term ailment with symptoms such as sore and stiff joints can be alleviated with the help of physical therapy which can assist in keeping the joints flexible and make the muscles stronger. It is a well known fact that poor posture and technique are some of the most popular reasons for repeat injuries and as such a physiotherapist educates the patient on the ideal behaviour and activities that will aid your condition. They are also responsible for ensuring that the right equipments, devices and environmental conditions necessary for the most favourable rehabilitation procedure for a specific condition are established and will also advise on the best course of action to follow.

Evoker Physio Clinic in Sydney CBD offers an extensive variety of treatments, to take care of a vast number of ailments and injuries. Their service covers Hydrotherapy, Child Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Clinical Pilates and rehabilitation from various injuries. In addition, they provide a thorough assessment of a health condition and the specific treatment and advice that will aid recovery.

The ability of physiotherapy to address a vast range of illnesses which include paediatrics, neurological, geriatrics, orthopaedic and cardiopulmonary problems among the populace makes it a very beneficial treatment for various health conditions as it doesn’t involve the use of drugs to return the body to optimum condition.

Quality Physio Care in Hawthorn

Mountain Physiotherapy offers high quality physiotherapy care to a variety of patients with a range of conditions.  We strive to assess your symptoms, assist you with treatment and also give you the tools needed to manage in the long term, ensuring you have less pain and a better quality of life post treatment. Our promise at Mountain Physiotherapy is to practice our profession to the best of our ability and return our patients to normal functioning and full health.

Mountain Physiotherapy has affiliations with the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, London Triathlon, London Marathon, Australian University Physio HawthornGames and the European Games. The team of Mountain Physiotherapy and Associates has extensive experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals or to recover from an acute injury or manage a chronic condition.

We offer a range of services from assessment and rehabilitation to therapies and professional services. The assessment could include sports assessment, bicycle assessment, equipment and adaptions or workstation, return to work and gait analysis. Our effective rehabilitation services includes neurological rehabilitation, elderly rehabilitation and surgical rehabilitation. Therapies at Mountain Physiotherapy include but aren’t limited to hydrotherapy, massage, Pilates and occupational health. Our professional services include manual handling training, home visits, occupational health, road/ work injury and Medico-Legal.

Patients of all ages can benefit from physiotherapy and pain can be relieved from muscular, skeletal, ligamentous or neurological issues. The aim is to restore normal body function and movement following an illness or injury and the physio Hawthorn team is committed to bringing you the finest quality care that is proven to be effective.

Mountain Physiotherapy is located on Toorak Road in Hawthorn East and has the convenient opening hours of 8am- 8pm Monday- Friday. Saturday and Sunday visits can also be arranged through booking an appointment. Parking is available at Mountain Physiotherapy and we can be reached by public transport. Please call 1300 799 534 or email us at [email protected] for more information on our services or to book an appointment.